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Vintage Analog meets State of The Art Digital.  Best of Both Worlds


Now through Jan 15th 2017 we will mix any song up to 4:30 in length and up to 48 Tracks for $400.00.  We will also provide up to 4 revisions. Great deal, right? Lets make it sweeter. Send us your song through dropbox, we transfer, etc, and we will send you back a 30 sec sample of the mix for your evaluation free of charge! You are at NO RISK. Are we nuts?  Maybe a little, but we are also confident & passionate that we can do a great job mixing your song with over 25 years experience and a ton of great gear!

Ocean Analog has the proven formula to get you the pro sound you are looking for. Award winning engineers, experience, new and vintage analog / digital gear, the latest in software and plugins!  Heck we even beta test for some of the biggest software companies in the industry. Let us use our expertise to get you that fat, warm, punchy mix you are looking for.  We love to mix Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Folk, Pop and more!


The importance of Mixing. If you are passionate about your music and your songwriting and you want your compositions to be represented in the best way they can, then your music should be mixed and mastered by a seasoned professional. You will be blown away at how good your music will sound once it is polished. If you’re looking for a contract, it just might make the difference between getting that big deal or not.

We mix Rock, Metal, Punk, Hip hop, Dance, Jazz, Country & more. We have gold and platinum credits to our name. We also feature a world class recording studio with all the best hardware, plugins and interfaces. Plus, we have a nice collection of vintage outboard effects including tube compressors, EQ and preamps.

We work with any (DAW) Digital Audio Workstation including Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Cakewalk, MOTU Digital Performer, Garageband, Sony Acid, Reaper, Steinberg Cubase, Presonus Studio One and many others.

We can work with any artist anywhere in the world! You just send us your files, give us some specific notes and ideas and we mix away! Many times the first mix of a song is exactly what our client is looking for, but do not worry, if something needs to be tweaked, we go back in and tweak it! We want you to be VERY happy with your mix!

Ready to go? Have any questions? Feel free to CONTACT us at anytime. We will be happy to help you in anyway we can, because MUSIC is our PASSION too!!

Call 516-425-6464

Audient ASP 8024 Mixing Console

How does it work? It’s really very easy.

If you are local, just give us a call and lets schedule your recording or mix.

If you just want us to mix and you are out of the Long Island NY area:
Step 1.  We talk via phone or skype and go over your music and what you are trying to achieve.  If there is a song you like that has the sound your looking for, let me know the song so I can take a listen.  i will do my very best to try and achieve the sound you are looking for.  I will also use my over 20 years of mixing experience to get you that polished, platinum sound.

Step 2. You upload your wav or aiff files to a dropbox folder.  You can get a free dropbox account here: .
Please consolidate all tracks to the same length so that when I import them into my system they will be in sync. If you’re not sure, let me know and I will walk you through it. The cleaner your tracks, the better.  Please erase any unwanted tracks, sounds, pops, etc etc.  The more prep you do, the faster I can mix.

Step 3. The average song is 3 to 5 mins long.  A song of this length depending on how many tracks, how much cleaning up I need to do, and how much input you give me can take between 3 and 7 hours to mix.  The cost for a mix is $250 to $400.  The cost will not exceed $400. After I listen and take a look at the tracks, I will give you an exact cost between the above range. I require a $200 deposit for each song that needs to be mixed. You can pay via Paypal or credit card.  If the mix is not exactly the way you want, please give me a detailed note with exactly what you want me to fix. I will make up to 5 revisions if need be.  I usually nail it on the 1st mix, but there have been times when we went back and tweaked a few things.

So what is mastering? Every major record label release is mastered in preparation for radio play and retail sales. Why? In the recording studio you record one song at a time, resulting in songs that all peak out at different volumes and have different EQs. The art of mastering and a good  mastering engineer can unify your album with skillful use of EQ, gain, and compression to give it a consistent platinum sound from track to track. This process also allows the mastering engineer to pump up the volume of your overall album so it’s as hot as can be with no distortion and make it sound professional and polished.

Step1.  This step is the same as step 1 & 2 for mixing.

Step2. The cost to master is $35 to $55 per song, depending on length of song and how much tweaking it needs.  After the mastering is complete, I will send you your files back via Dropbox.  I can also make a master CD and mail it to you for an additional $20.00.

Please feel free to call me or email me with any questions you may have.

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