Recording Studios Long Island

Analog Drum Samples

Here are some examples of the analog drum sounds we get. There are also some drum samples (Kick, Snare, Etc) you can download for free and use in your own recordings with programs like drumagog or Steven Slate Drums.

Technology has changed and has given us all great tools to record in the home studio.  With over 25 years experience, I can tell you there is nothing like recording drums through an analog mixing console and or utilizing mic pre's like Vintech 1073's, API channels, Neve Compressors, LA2A's, etc.  Also using high quality mics like Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, etc.  Here are some examples of drums we recorded.  Also you are free to download the samples and use in your own recordings.

Big Rock Drums were recorded with A Beta 52 in the kick, AKG D12 Outside the Kick, SM57 Snare Top, Sennheiser 441 Snare Bottom, Sennheiser 421 on Rack and Floor Toms, SE 4400a Overheads, Neumann U87's Room.  Vintech 1073 on Kick & Snare, Vintech Neve style compressor on Kick and Snare, Warm Audio WA2A on Overheads. All other drums recorded through Audient ASP 8024 Analog Mixing Console.

Right click on the sample name and save as file to download.  Enjoy!